Melissa’s Choice is a drama about a lawyer who is passionate about women’s rights, the environment, population control, and two men.  An unintended pregnancy produces increasingly bizarre fantasies that compel her to confront a tangle of competing values and feelings.  The play is set at a campsite in the Oregon woods where a randy cowboy and a Black forest ranger, a single mother of two, become Melissa’s unlikely guides in discovering where her deepest values lie and with which man she belongs, one of whom wants her to have an abortion, the other not.


Stage Buddy:  “A thoughtful and realistic look into the depths of a woman’s right to choose, Melissa’s Choice takes audiences on one woman’s personal journey. Playwright Steven Somkin explores a controversial issue in a compassionate and insightful way.”  (Read the full review.)

New York City Theatre: “An exciting original Off Broadway production comes to the Lion Theatre at Theatre Row in the form of ‘Melissa’s Choice’.  This intellectual drama, whose tagline reads ‘An American Dilemma’, boldly explores one woman’s self discovery in the face of overwhelming personal obstacles.”  (Read the full review.)

Blogcritics: (by Carole di Tosti, Ph.D.) “Melissa’s Choice is a fascinating and profound production, well acted, well conceived, well directed. It certainly will give you much to think about.”  (Read the full review.)